Real Bride: Aubrey

Aubrey shared her adorable love story with us, so we just HAD to share it with you! Her pictures are also stunning, and she looks amazing in her all lace dress!

In Edmonds, Washington a cute, little, dark-haired, energetic boy with big, dark eyes grew up without knowing the love of his life lived just up the hill. She, a twin with long brown hair, big eyes of her own and a huge kind heart, looked forward to the day her Prince Charming would sweep her off her feet.  Little did either of them know, the spouse of their dreams was a part of their lives for a long time. As Brian and Aubrey became teenagers their groups of friends merged and they found themselves spending more and more time together.  Brian fell in love quickly with Aubrey but he wasn’t sure she loved him back so he was content to remain friends for many years. They left the Evergreen State to attend school in Utah, their friendship growing along the way.  Brian served a two-year mission and corresponded in a friendly way the entire time.  He returned to Utah to be close to Aubrey as she had now finished school and was working in her chosen field.  At home in Washington, Brian’s parents and Aubrey’s parents became close friends as well.  Even their little brothers became best buddies.  There was a lot of friendship going on. Brian was ready for more.  He asked Aubrey out on a date—not a friend date anymore!  Something changed.  After dating for a short time, the best friends fell in love.  A perfect match based on years of friendship.

Brian and Aubrey were married for time and all eternity on August 12, 2015 in the Salt Lake LDS temple.



The theme of our wedding was Classic Vintage. I wanted a lot of lace. My colors were Navy, blush pink, ivory, and a touch of grayish blue. 
I knew I wanted an all lace dress with an A-line fit. I also wanted it to be ivory instead of white. The second I tried my dress on, I knew it was the one. I tried on a bunch more and just couldn’t stop thinking about that dress!



My experience at Avenia bridal was great! From the second I walked in I was taken care of. They made me feel comfortable and everyone was so helpful. I always recommend Avenia bridal to everyone I know who is looking for their wedding dress. 

DSC_9353-2 DSC_9176-2

The biggest advice would give to brides who are planning their wedding is to start planning as soon as you can and don’t leave anything to the last minute. I also would tell them to remember that they can’t make everyone happy with their plans and should do what they want since it is their wedding!





Venue/florals: Sleepy Ridge

IG: @sleepyridgeweddings

Catering: State Street Feed & Supply

Dress/headpiece: Avenia Bridal

IG: @aveniabridal

Photography: Janae Kristen

IG: @janaekristen

Videography: Taylor Moulton

IG: @Taylormoulton

Photos/invitaions: Persnickety Prints

IG: @Persnicketyprints

Rings: Forge Jewelry Works

IG: @forgejewelryworks

Bridals location: American Fork canyon

Cakes: Becki Willis (Mother of the groom)


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Avenia Bridal


Real Bride: Madeleine

Ah Madeleine and her husband have the cutest childhood love story! She looked absolutely stunning in her custom Darcy Gown by our very own Nancy!
My husband’s name is Derek, and we met when I moved in next door to his family the summer before 8th grade. I had just moved to Arizona from Las Vegas and before long we were spending all of our time together. I’ve know I wanted to marry him since I was 14 years old.


Derek and I were married in the Mesa, Arizona temple on August 20, 2015. It was way too hot outside- but it was the most perfect day of my life.


IMG_0874 IMG_0877

My experience at Avenia was perfect. It was actually the first place I went to look for a dress. I had one other dress store I was dying to go to and I was positive I would find my dress there. It became clear though the minute I set eyes on the dress I would end up wearing, that I might not need to visit that other store after all. The dress was absolutely perfect. I did end up visiting the other store, but it wasn’t even a comparison. Nancy was so extremely helpful, flexible, and accommodating.


I was leaving to go back to Arizona the very next day, and this dress was custom. Nancy spent the entire next day taking my measurements and making the shell of my dress so we could have one more fitting before I left town. She is amazing. Not only does she make gorgeous dresses, but she cares so much about her brides and making their special day absolutely perfect.

IMG_1069 IMG_1138 IMG_1140 IMG_1151

Weren’t their pictures just gorgeous? We loved being apart of her big day, and would love to be apart of yours! Call in to make an appointment! xo Avenia Bridal

Real Bride: Haley

Our cute bride Haley had a beautiful wedding in California! She is full of so much spunk, which just makes her glow when she comes into a room!

Her and her Husband Isaiah met at a drive-in movie! (how fun!) They shared a mutual friend who invited them both. (who they owe their first child too ha!)

They have such a precious engagement story that I would love to share with you all!


“September 7th through the 9th I had planned, last year, to go to a music festival with my best friend Cameron. As Isaiah and I started getting more serious and talking about him coming to visit my family, we thought after that weekend would be a good time. Once I knew Isaiah was officially coming to visit I started thinking of all the places I wanted to show him. So I made plans to sight see part of San Francisco and take a sunset sail on the bay for the Wednesday we would be there. We had been discussing marriage and looking at rings. So I knew the question would be popped soon? 😉 Naturally I just assumed a trip alone to San Francisco near the bay….what better time to propose….

So I drove back home on the 5th to officially move back to California. Cameron and I had discussed how we were going to skip the morning bands on the 8th because there weren’t any bands we were interested in seeing. Also, we wanted to take a break from the festival. So Cameron told me she knows this great beach to go to! We arrived at the beach and I was so cold and tired that I almost decided to stay in the car while she just walked around for a minute…all the while she was trying to hurry me up so we could get down to the beach.

As we were walking along the beach I noticed a pathway that was more conveniently located to where we wanted to walk to and asked Cameron, “why didn’t we just take that pathway” (little did I know that is where Isaiah was hiding out). So Cameron was taking pictures of me along the beach (like girls do) and I told her,” I don’t know what to do”. So she suggested, “Just look out at the water”. As I looked out I saw something jump in the water and said, “Cameron! I just saw something jump in the water!” All of the sudden I here this familiar voice behind me say, “what is it?” I turn around and there is the most handsome guy you have ever seen! Next thing you know, Isaiah is on one knee asking me to marry him. It was the best surprise of my entire life!”

Ah! Wasn’t that cute? Okay okay here is the rest of their gorgeous wedding!


Isaiah and I were married October 17, 2015 at the Sacramento California Temple

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I knew I wanted to get my dress in Utah and I had been to Avenia bridal with my sister about 4 years ago. My soon to be mother-in-law also told me of a beautiful mermaid gown in the window of the store. So I stopped in Avenia first on my hunt to finding the perfect wedding gown. I picked some gowns and tried all of them on with my mom, who by the way drove 9 hours last minute to help me.

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The very first dress I tried on I fell in love with. Not wanting to just buy the first one I tried on, I tried on the rest of the gowns I picked out. And of course thinking somehow that I could find a better dress somewhere else, my mom and I scoped out four other bridal boutiques. Every single dress I tried on was compared to that very first dress. So over the next few days I thought long and hard and listened to my heart by choosing the dress of my dreams! To this day I would choose that dress over and over again.

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I have always loved the beach growing up. I am not your typical Southern California girl though. I grew up in a small town up in the hills and forests of Northern California. Some of my favorite memories as a child are going on camping trips to the beach. I secretly think I am a mermaid (okay maybe not so much of  a secret). Also, my husband proposed to me on a beach, some of my greatest memories are with my toes in the sand and my hair blowing in the wind.

So the theme of our wedding was nautical. Our colors were navy blue, gold and ivory.

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So my wedding day was a complete miracle! Looking 10 days in advance, checking the weather because it’s Fall and in Northern California the rain is very off and on, especially this year. As luck would have it, the ONLY day it was supposed to rain was October 17th, my wedding day.

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On the way to the temple it was overcast, all while in the temple it poured rain. The moment we stepped out to all our friends and family the rain stopped, leaving it still overcast for some beautiful pictures. The moment my husband and I stepped in our car to go to my parents house for the reception it started pouring again. My mom, being the prepared, intuitive and intelligent woman she is, reserved a building just in case it decided to rain during the reception. Having just married the man of my dreams and feeling on top of the world, I was really feeling really hopeful and optimistic. Luckily my gut feeling was right and the rain cleared up about half an hour before the reception started. We were seriously so blessed and rain means good luck right??



I would recommend to future brides to take some time for you and your fiancé to just go out on a date or get away from all the planning and friends and family to just take a moment for yourselves and enjoy where you are at during this time in your life, enjoy each other and how incredible it is that you found someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

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Oh my goodness! Can I just say that Nancy and her team are so incredible (especially Nancy). I was greeted with a warm welcome the first time I arrived, no appointment made or anything and they just let me hop right in. I felt like I was being helped and receiving answers to all my questions without the pushiness some bridal boutiques have. They did not hover, but they were there when I needed them.


After buying the gown I wanted a few alterations done. With the help of Nancy and her side kick seamstress they turned a beautiful gown into the gown I never knew I wanted! Not to mention I found my dress in August and was getting married in October, talk about a rush order! Nancy was so kind to work around my schedule and find dates that I could come in for my alterations, she and her team worked overtime and late hours just to make my gown perfect. Nancy sadly, was going through the passing of her husband and made time to come in the day of his funeral to do some last minute alterations and pick up my gown because I was leaving the next day. She obviously loves what she does and loves making her clients happy. I have only good things to say about Avenia Bridal.


My mom and dad (Hugh and Debbie Charles,  reception location)

Suzanne Ashby (My incredibly talented photographer)

Amy Sawyer (My incredibly talented florist)

Real Bride: Sydney

How gorgeous was our bride Sydney? Her outdoor wedding was so colorful and bright! Perfect for a summer wedding. (Scroll on)

My husbands name is Joey Hall. We grew up in the same small town in Washington State and still to this day we’re not sure how we ended up with each other but we’re happy we did.



We got married August 1, 2015 at Eberle Barn in Sequim, WA (our hometown). It was such a beautiful venue, as you can see from the photos.

I tried to try on different types of gowns to figure out what suits me best and I really was able to have that “bridal moment” of KNOWING my dress was the one for me! It was so perfect for our day.


We had a more rustic wedding with a pastel color theme. All of our decorations were homemade — thanks to my mom for all the help. Everything was unique. We hand painted hundreds of mason jars with chalk paint for the center pieces and my mom even handmade the bouquets that went in them. Pinterest really is a life saver when planning a wedding.


I loved my experience at Avenia. Everyone was so sweet and easy to work with. They make you feel right at home as soon as you enter the door. It was especially nerve wracking shopping for my dress because I didn’t have any immediate family with me. However, Avenia makes you feel comfortable no matter what. I definitely recommend them.


I would like to credit my wonderful photographer, Andria Bower, for all the hard work she put into these photos. This actually was her first wedding and both Joey and I were absolutely blown away with the level of professionalism and quality of the photos we received.

Real Bride: Ciera

We loved being able to help gorgeous Ciera on her big day! Her dress fit her perfectly in every way! Can we talk about how amazing their photo is in front of the temple? To die for!!

My husbands name is Jared Mendez and we met about 3 years ago through some friends from school. He asked me on a date a few weeks later and we’ve dated ever since!
We were married August 29th, 2015 in the Payson Temple.
I thought I was going to have a hard time choosing a gown but the dress I ended up buying was the first store I had been to (Avenia) and the 2nd dress I tried on. I made some changes to the sleeves and neckline to make it more of what I invisioned. It was perfect! The dress was exactly what I hoped it would be.. if only I could wear it more often!


The theme for my wedding wasn’t really a theme at all. I picked a few colors I liked and decided that I wanted it to be simple and colorful. I had a vision in my head for the wedding and in the end our wedding planner made it all come to life and exceed my expectations.
My advice would be to not stress out too much. Things will fall into place. Pick a few things each week to focus your attention on and before you know it everything will be ready. Focus more than anything on building a strong relationship with your soon-to-be-husband because at the end of that day he is the one that makes your day so special.
Avenia is beautiful. Everyone was so helpful and I could really tell they were trying to capture my vision while helping me shop. I was very impressed with how professional and helpful everyone was. They even took a late night call from me because I couldnt find the bussel on my dress the day before my bridals. I was so grateful for their help.
Vendors to credit: Sleepy Ridge Golf Course, Magelby’s Catering, Avenia Bridal, Arielle Voght w/ Anchoredimage, Dawna’s Cakes.