Sarah looked amazing in her custom Darcy gown & headpiece by our one and only Nancy! Sarah and her husband have a hilarious love story, that she wanted to share with us all. They are truly an adorable couple. Cheers to their wedding! 
My husband’s name is Erik Hansen. We actually met on Tinder, he messaged me a lame pick up line, which turned into sarcastic banter that kept me laughing all night. The laughing continued on our first date, he told me of when his cat peed on him in the middle of the night and from then on he had my heart.


We were married November 7, 2015 in the Draper temple.

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I loved my dress! While shopping for a dress I went to a lot of different stores and all the dresses I tried on seemed to look the same and weren’t me. I finally found Avenia Bridal and fell in love with a design by Nancy Barrus. I met with Nancy, who is an amazing woman and incredible to work with, she listened to all my wants and ideas I had for the dress. She went above and beyond to make the dress unique and reflect my style. At the last minute Nancy put together the most beautiful head piece made from a sample of fabric she brought home from New York. I never thought I would feel so comfortable and  myself in my wedding dress but Nancy and Avenia staff helped me accomplish that in a beautiful way.

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I didn’t have a theme for the wedding, I just wanted simple and a lot of gold! I also wanted to celebrate love so I contacted all people who had played a big role in my life and asked for photos of their wedding days. I displayed those photos at the reception and I had so many amazing family members and friends help with the decorating, I just told them I wanted a lot of warm christmas lights, the photos and gold and they put it together perfectly.


The one piece of advice I would give to a bride to be is stay true to yourself. Yes, trends have a strong pull but don’t lose your personality in all the planning, your wedding day is about YOU so let it show!


The wonderful people who made it all happen:
Ali Sumsion Photography
JoAnn Parkinson- Proposals Weddings & Events in Boise, ID
Lynette Lyman Bayles- Cake
Old Dome Meeting Hall
Shane Company
What a darling wedding! We would love to be apart of yours! Contact us for an appointment.

Real Bride: Breanna

   Breanna was such a darling bride to work with! She met her husband Riley Argyle while they were both attending school at Snow College, they lived in the same apartment complex. They were married in the GORGEOUS Payson Utah temple on August 15th, 2015. Breanna’s theme for her wedding was very Rustic Chic. We agree she pulled it off quite well! (look how beautiful her reception venue was) She brought her mother and sister to Avenia with her to try on dresses. The dress that she ended up choosing was originally her mother and sister’s favorite dress that they had picked out. When she tried it on she loved it more than any of the ones that she had actually picked out for herself. She expressed that she loved her experience at Avenia! (We loved hearing that!) 

   The wedding looked so sweet, and the couple looked happy as ever! 

Breanna and Riley Temple-92 Breanna and Riley Temple-173Breanna and Riley Reception-264 Breanna and Riley Reception-387Breanna and Riley Bridals-364


Photographer: Nichole Van

Videographer: Emily Ann Goodman

Floral Crown: Amelia Soelberg

Reception Center: Harvest Park Event Center, Mapleton Utah.

Catering and Wedding Cake: Clarion Event Center


XoXo Avenia Bridal

Real Bride: Kaelin

     Ah Kaelin looked amazing in her custom Rosa Clara gown! We can not stop AWHing over her amazing pictures! What a gorgeous Fall wedding in California. 
    My Husband’s name is Lance Frame. Our parents have actually been really good friends for years! Growing up, we never really hung out though until high school. I had the biggest crush on him from the first time we really hung out when I was 16. He went on a mission for our church and we started writing letters to each other. Then I went on my mission a month before he got home, so we ended up writing letters for 3.5 years! We started dating as soon as I got home.


We were married in the Newport Beach Temple, 21 November 2015…the reception was at Strawberry Farms.0308_Frame_11-21-150329_Frame_11-21-15_R_MichellePhotography

I am a very indecisive person so I always thought it was going to be impossible for me to decide! When I came in to Avenia, I just picked out any dress that I kind of liked. I knew I liked lace dresses so most of them were lace. My mom actually picked this one out and I was like “ehh sure I will try it on at least”!! haha. BUT, when I tried it on, I loved it! The lace was so unique and I loved the fit. It also was nice enough to be a wedding dress and have a classy feel but wasn’t too fancy (which just isn’t me). It just was perfect! It was fun to talk with Nancy about what we could do to the dress to make it even more me!!


My wedding turned out to be Bohemian Chic. I love the bohemian look, but my mom wanted the wedding to be nice and not too casual so we compromised! It was in a barn and in the Fall so that kind of took over the theme. I love sunflowers so those were the main flowers and then we used lots of pumpkins on the tables. I used pinterest a lot to see ideas of flowers, center pieces, and pretty much every detail of the wedding! My colors were navy blue and sunflower yellow/gold.


My advice to Brides would be to enjoy the process of planning the wedding and being engaged. It is a time in your life you will never get again and is so fun! Savor it all. Also, don’t worry if every detail is not perfect. I had a beautiful wedding, but honestly I was just so happy to be married to the man of my dreams that all the details didn’t even matter the day of!

0451_Frame_11-21-15_R_MichellePhotography 0225_Frame_11-21-15_R 0242_Frame_11-21-15_Retouched_MichellePhotography0496_Frame_11-21-15_Retouched_MichellePhotography

My advice to Brides would be to enjoy the process of planning the wedding and being engaged. It is a time in your life you will never get again and is so fun! Savor it all. Also, don’t worry if every detail is not perfect. I had a beautiful wedding, but honestly I was just so happy to be married to the man of my dreams that all the details didn’t even matter the day of!


Avenia was awesome! They got my dress ordered in plenty of time (I had 6 months to plan!) and worked very hard to make every detail perfect. I came in for I think 3 fittings so they could make sure it fit just right and was turning out how I pictured it. They completely changed the whole look of the dress and even added beading on the added parts so no one would ever know!! I am not a fan of  a lot of Mormon dresses where you can totally tell sleeves were added on, but I love how Avenia did it!

1314_Frame_11-21-151422_Frame_11-21-15 1563_Frame_11-21-15


-Michelle Photography

-Paula Hart (she made my veil)

-Strawberry Farms (venue)

-French Bouquet (florist)

She was seriously stunning! Rosa Clara never seems to let us down!

Let us help you find your perfect gown! 



Real Bride: Annie

Annie looked amazing in her scalloped lace dress. It was so sweet that she imagined it being her dress a year before she was even engaged to her now husband. It brought us sweet tears of happiness! 

My husband’s name is Aaron Hewlett. We met, it is a funny story actually.. I was a senior in high school in Southern California and he was a freshman here in Provo at Brigham Young University. I came up to Provo to see a BYU football game with my family and my sister-in-law wanted to set me up with one of her old college friends little brother, I went on a date with this boy and developed quite the crush on him. On Sunday I went to his roommate to hang out with him while still in Provo for the football game and met his roommate who was Aaron Hewlett! I didn’t know Aaron very well, just knew him as the roommate of the boy I liked. They both left on missions and both boys were forgotten about. Aaron came home first and a lot had changed since the last time I had seen him in Provo. I was now graduated and settled in Provo going to BYU.

Aaron came home from his mission and started in a new semester right away and hit the books and spent lots of time in the library. I was also spending a lot of time in the BYU library and one Tuesday evening I received a Facebook message from a person I thought I would never see again.. Aaron Hewlett!! We figured out we were both in the library studying, I was on the 2nd floor and he was on the 5th floor, I walked up to the 5th floor and saw this handsome man in a red and blue gingham shirt with Chicago bulls hat with a huge smile on his face! I sat down, we caught up, he asked me out and well the rest is left for eternity!


We were married on November 21st, 2015 in the LDS Salt Lake Temple.

MPP-6262 MPP-6290

I actually saw my actual dress in the window of Avenia about a year before I even met my now husband. My mom and I were going to Deseret Book visiting family in Provo and walked passed Avenia. We saw a beautiful, timeless, elegant, scalloped lace dress that was breathtaking!! My mom and I both fell in love with the dress. A year went by and I had forgotten about the dress until trying it on in my consultation at Avenia after getting engaged and my mom started to tear up! I realized it was the dress I saw in the window a year ago, I knew it was the one!



The Theme for my wedding was “classy elegance,” we used a lot of neutral colors but with a pop of a champagne gold sequin fabric.


The advice I would give to brides who are currently planning their wedding is, make sure you voice your opinion about what your vision is for your wedding but realize that some things are a little unrealistic. YOU DON’T NEED EVERYTHING FROM PINTEREST AT YOUR WEDDING! Make it your own!

MPP-7181 MPP-7195

My experience was wonderful at Avenia!! I am a very particular person and it was very difficult to not have my mom there with me for support during my dress fittings because my parents still live in California while I am here for schooling. They did a wonderful job at making my vision a reality and making me feel confident in my dress choice.

  • Photography: Mikki Platt Photography
  • Design Expertise: McKell Designs
  • Reception Hall: Eldredge Manor in Bountiful
  • Flowers: Bloom by Madison
  • Hair: Haley Witt

We would love to be apart of your special day! 


Avenia Bridal

Real Bride: Julia

Julia looked so pretty in her Boho style Moonlight Bridal Custom gown! She was so sweet to work with, and has great advice for future brides! 

My husbands name is Blake, we grew up together in the same home ward. We reconnected when we both started working at North Cache 8-9th Center with Special Needs students. It was only a month before we started dating and 4 months before we decided to get married.


We got married on May 14, 2015 at the Logan Temple. We had our reception at Mack Park in Hyde Park, UT.


Of course I was looking for gown ideas on Pinterest, and when I found the one that I wanted/liked I found out who made it and it was Avenia Bridal! So Lucky me, I just made an appointment and drove down to Orem a few times. I didn’t get the dress from Pinterest, but I basically got its sister. I knew with in 15 minutes of trying on dresses what dress I wanted.


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My inspiration for the wedding is hard to explain. It was sort of Bohemian Chic if you know what I mean. I chose lavender because I thought it would fit in well with the theme.

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For any brides planning, I just want to say, don’t stress out too much! It only last about 3-4 hour and you don’t even get any of the food you planned for! I only got to eat ONE BITE of my cake! The rest of the cake is waiting in my fridge for our one year anniversary. It goes by in a flash and you just think to yourself “why did I stress my self out.”

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Working with Avenia was so amazing. I felt like they literally jumped through hoops to keep me happy! I could not say enough about how amazing their service was and how nice they were!


How sweet was her husband to bring her breakfast right after their wedding? She was a stunning bride! 

We would love to help you find your dream dress as well! Call for an appointment with one of our sweet consultants.


Avenia Bridal