Real Bride: Aubrey

Aubrey wore a mermaid shaped lace and tulle wedding dress for her perfect, special day! We are so happy we had the opportunity to be apart of her wedding day!


My husbands name is Scott Rowan, and we met when we were 15 years old at our Church’s youth camp-Especially for Youth. Needless to say, it was love at first sight! We stayed in contact over the next few years, as we lived in different states, and re-connected our freshman year at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I wrote him for two years while he served a mission for our church in Tallahassee, Florida, and then re-connected with him once again after he returned! We were married on April 30th, 2015 in the Gilbert, Arizona Temple and we truly couldn’t be happier. It was all worth the wait.

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When I showed up to Avenia Bridal, I was absolutely amazed by how beautiful the store itself was! Everything was so elegant and pristine, and the dresses were breathtaking. I truly was so excited to let me search for the right dress begin! After trying on numerous dresses, I was completely stumped, because although I felt that I had found two dresses I liked, I hadn’t found “the one”. I was about to give up, but one of the consultants brought out a dress for me to try, which was a mix of the two dresses I was looking at. At first I wasn’t sure, but once I put it on, it was perfect! The consultants allowed me to put on a beautiful belt and jewelry, and helped me to pick the perfect veil which brought everything together. I felt absolutely beautiful!


The seamstresses at Avenia took care of me through the whole alteration process and everything turned out PERFECTLY. I couldn’t have been happier with the way my dress turned out, and I was so thankful for the patience of the entire Avenia staff and for how hard they worked to make me feel beautiful on my special day!

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Real Bride: Ashley

Congratulations to Ashley and her new husband Daniel! We wish you all the happiness in your marriage!


My sweet husband’s name is Daniel Benjamin Torres. I had a good friend that lived in my same apartment complex who was trying to set me up on blind dates. I haaaaated blind dates so I refused to go for months, not ever seeing the person or knowing his name. They would set up activities all the time to try to get me to come and meet him, but I never would go. So I taught a religious class and he ended up going with a friend to my class when I was teaching. He had told me ‘thanks for the lesson’ afterwards, but that was about the extend of the conversation. A couple of weeks later I was at UVU in the cafeteria at a booth by myself, (he loves to remind me I was sitting by myself.. haha) and the day before he was also asked to teach the same lesson I taught a few weeks earlier. So he walked up to me and sat down at my booth and asked if I could ‘help’ him with the lesson… The whole time I am thinking he actually needed help. He ended up coming over that night and we studied the lesson for about 3 hours… Then he just so happened to need help a few more times that week. From there, it is history!

We were married on Valentines Day in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple


I saw a picture of an AMAZING dress and went to a million stores in Utah Valley hoping they would have something like it… No one did… Until my friend from a leadership program I am in told me to go to Avenia Bridal where they would custom make it for me. It turned out to be even better than the picture.

It was so amazing being able to have someone there to take care of us! I was so picky about how I wanted the dress and they were able to make it work in such a short time period! This is a place I suggest my friends who are getting married to go to FIRST because you won’t find this kind of place anywhere else.



Reception Venue: Wadley Farms

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Real Bride: Katie

It was an absolute treat to work with Katie on her custom wedding dress for her wedding day! She was the sweetest and always light up the store with her contagious smile.

And can we take a moment to drool over her wedding “party?!” Mini golf, Ferris wheel, and food trucks. What more could you need for a fun night?


What is your husband’s name and how did you meet?

My husband’s name is Charlie and we were set up by a mutual friend! Charlie served his mission in Korea with Nick and I met Nick in the dorms our freshman year. When Charlie got home from his mission Nick showed him a picture of me and Charlie said “she is my future wife.” We went on a few dates and we knew that it was game over. He proposed 9 months later.



When and where were you married?

Charlie and I were sealed in the (LDS) Newport Beach Temple on May 1st 2015


How did you choose the design of your custom gown?

Every girl plans her wedding on Pinterest. I’m guilty of it too! I saw Tregan’s gown and knew that when I finally got married that that would be my dress! I loved the butterfly sleeve and the casual but elegant style.

 IMG_1646 IMG_1645

What was your theme or inspirations for your wedding?

I always said I didn’t want a wedding reception. But I did want a wedding party! I wanted everyone to come and enjoy themselves and not feel bored by the “normal” and “traditional” wedding protocol. We decided to have our party at a family fun center that my grandfather built in the 70s. He passed away 30 years ago and Charlie, my family, and I all thought it would be a special place to have it! We had food trucks, balboa bars, lots of desert, mini golf, dancing, and a Ferris wheel! I like to think my guests had a blast at our wedding party!


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IMG_1658 IMG_1659

What advice do you have for brides who are currently planning their wedding?

Relax. Don’t let little things stress you out because they really don’t matter. Remember that the most important thing is getting to marry your best friend and that’s all that matters. Pick 3-5 things that are really important to you (dress, photographer, food, flowers, DJ, invites, etc.) and make those things perfect. Everything else will fall into place.

Also, invest in a good photographer! Because once your wedding day is over that’s all you’ll have to look back on.


Tell about your experience at Avenia. 

I cannot say enough about this dress shop. Nancy worked with me for hours and hours until I felt comfortable with my dress choice and fit! All of the consultants knew me by name and were always so polite, eager, and excited! It’s fun to have people that you don’t know get excited for you! It’s the most important day of your life and you want to feel like a million bucks. I’m not kidding when I say that I felt like a billion bucks when I walked in that store.  Untitled1


Ashtyn Nicole Photography! I cannot thank her enough for the most amazing photos of our wedding day!!

The Borrowers Market, for decorating our reception! It was better then I ever imagined! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

My mom. I know she isn’t a vendor, but I couldn’t have done this without her. She went above and beyond, to make sure Charlie and I had the most memorable wedding day ever. I can’t even begin to thank her enough!


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Real Bride: Liz

We had the absolute pleasure to work with Liz to help her find her wedding dress, all by phone! She lives in California and was never able to make it to our boutique in Utah but still entrusted Avenia Bridal to deliver her perfect dress!


My husband’s name is Daniel. We met while we were both attending a Christian college in Stockton California in 2008. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore.





We were married April 25, 2015 in San Francisco California at my church, Abounding Grace. The reception was at the Forest Hill Clubhouse.


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When looking for a wedding dress, I was looking for modesty and elegance. I could not find anything like that in San Francisco/Bay Area. I looked up #modestbrides on Instagram and came across Avenia. I loved everything that they were showcasing. There were a couple of dresses that I really loved but wanted the designs put together.


The process was seamless in achieving my dream wedding dress through Avenia. I think I talked to almost all the girls there and they were all on the same page. Nancy is extremely sweet! I really had a peace about everything from the first call I made to Avenia. I had no stress whatsoever until the day I knew my wedding dress was to arrive in the mail. I had never gone to the boutique to try my dress on. It hit me before I went to pick my dress up at the UPS store that things could go all wrong with the fit of the dress. My heart was racing as I got home and opened the box. It was the most amazing thing to see my dress laying there in the box, exactly the way that I wanted it. As I tried the dress on, it fit like a glove. I couldn’t believe it!




Thank you Avenia for working with me and sending countless email and pictures back-and-forth. I hope all brides appreciate you as much as I do. My dress was the most important piece to my wedding. I hope to visit the boutique in the future to meet all you lovely ladies, just because!

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Photography: Sam Hassas

Dress Designer: Lis Simon 























Photoshoot: Summer Loving

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again! We love collaborating with talented Utah based vendors to create such beautifulness! I mean, check out these stunners photographed by Connie Balluff!



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Gown Designer: Rosa Clara

Photographer: Connie Balluff

Maroon Colored Bouquet: Melissa Haupt

Greenry Bouquet: Foxglove