Well, if you are thinking about getting a watch under the budget of 5000$ for your partner, yourself, or your friend you should check these lists down that I will tell you. Well, watches are great Accessories and give you a great style option. When you shake hands with someone the first thing they will notice that your watch. So whether you want to give the best first impression on your date or in your office meeting when you talking with the client. The watch will make you more stylish and get you that first impression that you wanted, So let’s start.

Longines skin diver

The great-looking stylish and fully detailed watch that is your Longines skin driver. The watch is really great and the company certainly comes with a history that is known for its rich culture. The watch comes in a not too big case that is great and the watch also gives you a great fit. For people whole love wearing a nice medium size watch that won’t stand out much and fits you perfectly it’s great for you all. The watch has great work on its details, the dial and the design has been worked with very careful. Making sure that every detail gets out and shows itself perfectly. The watch of Longines comes with a 300m water resistance support, so you can even go swimming and deep-sea diving with it. The Longines without any doubt will provide you with a luxury looking watch on the half price of your budget, it’s come under 3000$.

Breitling superocean heritage

The Breitling has always used it’s past and make it come through with their product. This watch is also like that it’s the 2nd generation of this superocean heritage. The watch comes with a great designed look that gives you great detailing work done on the watch. It also lets you choose between the color. The watch has a great detailing and the style statement of its own. What’s the best thing is that the bracelet of this watch still provides you with a great old vintage look yet modernized version of it. The watch is a great option to consider for your lovely hand and it comes just in your budget of 5000$.

Nomos metro

The nomos metro is no doubt a great style icon In watches. The watch is a little bigger than the watches we talked about till now, but that’s what is good about it. The watch gives you a great style look that is decanted and original. The nomos metro have been worked with all the detailing the dialer of this watch stands out and shows that. The design of the watch is so original that there are some stylish small details like number and handles on the dialer, or the date showing feature. That makes this a great and detailed watch also the back of each comes with a smooth see-through glass surface. So you can see what’s going on inside, you know if you are curious. So yeah there you have it Nomos metro is a great watch under 5000$ and will be great for anyone.

Oris big crown pointer date

This one is a personal favorite that is just too great to ignore, the Oris big crown pointer date. The best thing you will see about this watch is the detailing, the army green color, and the bronze case makes it shine and looks so elegant. The watch comes with an awesome day pointer, just my favorite thing to get in any watch. The data points in this watch has been done differently that you won’t usually be seen on most of them. It’s not a new idea but it’s a unique one for sure, the watch comes with 4 handles that are minute handle, hour handle, second handle and your date pointer handle that will point out which day it is. Like I said it’s not like most of the watches and that what makes it amazing and unique. Can easily get this luxury watch under your budget don’t worry.

Oris divers sixty-five Omega rail master Coaxial

Well, there’s another reproduced or reissued Version of their old rail master edition. The watch gives you a great style, performance and also quality. They just didn’t reissue the designed they top their old design with lots of new add on. You will be able to see on the detailing the dialer, the bracelet and everything about this watch comes great and new. From looks to performance you get almost everything you look for in a luxury watch. There’s just one small issue that the watch is over the budget by 200$, but I would say you could negotiate it or and it is worth spending that much extra.…

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