Technology has been evolved way too far there is no use of doing things in the old way when you can use new ways to get a better and an accurate result. This goes almost about everything that you see in the market, your PC, TV, phone, car, bike, or anything they all leaning towards new technology getting smarter to use. Now even your memory card getting smarter to use they no longer require direct contact with your devices can be used as a wireless card too. These are still not that famous and not everyone is using this, but slowly it getting its grip in the market. It won’t be long before everyone starts to use this great wireless adapter for their daily use.

So what is a wireless or Wi-Fi enabled memory card?

The names say it that it’s a memory card that supports wireless connection, in simple words, it can be connected with any wireless devices without getting in any ports of that device. The microSD wireless adapter comes with mow great varieties many companies are making them, from ASUS to Toshiba you will see this wireless adapter MicroSD card being made everywhere. The card works on its own network letting other Wi-Fi devices to connect to it. So let’s see the features and things you can do with a MicroSD wireless card.

What are the uses of this wireless MicroSD card?

Well, wireless MicroSD card will and can be used as a wireless network for transferring your files easy. If you are a professional photographer and you have a guy with you no need to stop your shoot now. Just keep on clicking by connecting it to the device and the guy can keep on moving those pictures and files without even disturbing you and your shoot. There are other uses too it can be used as storing slots of videos too directly to your computer, laptop or mobile phone without much problem. The range of this comes handy you can use it and operate it from anywhere. Get many other features with it, so let’s check them now.


The MicroSD wireless cards come with a storage capacity of 8gb, 16gb, and your 32gb letting you get an okay storage. But if you need more you can usually take your class 10 memory cards as others will not work properly in this MicroSD card. Place that inside it slot for memory card and then can use as much memory space you want too. Make sure your memory card you putting it inside the adapter is class 10 memory card for the best performance of this wireless MicroSD card.

Connectivity and range

Talking about connectivity and range you can get a fast speed of 802.11n while transferring files if you have class 10 memory cards. Other than you can expect the speed to be slowed down which will not be a problem in small ranges for you. But if you are using this memory card in your computer of Wi-Fi and want to transfer files from it to other devices that might be outside your house or at a far distance. Then for sure, it will be a problem to do that for your not class 10 memory card you can see minutes or even hours taking to transfer your files without a class 10 memory card. So connectivity and range depends on your memory card you are using.

Wireless transfer

The basic feature that I have talked about is wireless transfer which Is the reason why this wireless MicroSD card was made. To solve the problem of placing it inside your laptop to transfer your files from your lover device as a camera. So basically with the network and wireless feature, you going to connect this card to your device. Then when connected properly with your device you can enjoy the wireless free sharing and transferring. This also depends on the stiff like your memory card. If it’s better and higher quality a class 10 memory card the speed will be great and the range will be great. But if your memory card is cheaper and not that high class the speed going to be weak and it will take while transferring files.

Automatic upload

Some of this wireless MicroSD card so provide and gives you a feature of letting them upload automatically without any problem. So it will be easier for you to keep taking pics and videos without even worrying about anything. The wireless MicroSD card will connect to your device uploading automatically and transferring files and videos that you make. So your storage doesn’t get full and you can enjoy a great experience of making videos.

So these are the basic and main features you will find on many wireless MicroSD cards, now it’s up to you to decide whether it’s okay and good for your use or not. From my point of view, I will just say when you have to use a MicroSD memory card why not use the one with the best use.…

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