maximus profit scam

Looking for answer of your questions “Is Maximus Profits A Scam?”. Don’t worry you will find answer of every question about Maximus Profits in this Maximus Profits review. Every now and then we see a lot of binary options trading platform making headlines on the internet all of a sudden. Just how many of them do you think are authentic? That’s quite hard to guess, and a number of scam sites make their debut almost every month with the purpose to steal all your money.

The latest automated options trading platform is the Maximus Profits of which quite an extensive marketing and promotion is going on right now. If you are into the trading business, you might have recently received emails by marketers asking you to join Maximus Profits. But is it worth it? Or is Maximus Profits software just another scam?

Without any hesitation let me inform you that this site is a SCAM, and I recommend you to go through this article before you decide to invest into this site.

maximus profit scam

What is Maximus Profits?

The Maximus Profit is an automated trading machine founded by George Maximus who claims to be the CEO of this automated trading platform. In the promotional video, Mr. Maximus claims that you can become a millionaire in a month and that any clients will start earning immediately a sum of $8496 every single day.

In the video, he also claims that the website works with a unique algorithm and offers you with risk-free trade signals.  This means the platform is flawless and a money making machine which has never failed. But all these claims are exaggerated as you will come to know that an automated trading platform doesn’t work that way.

In other words, the platform is clearly a scam which has nothing to offer but disappointment once you invest money into it. So why would you waste your time and money and get nothing In return, you surely are not that dumb enough to do so.

Who is Mr. George Maximus?

Who is George Maximus? This is the first question which will eventually come to your mind after watching the promotional video. Is he actually a trader or a businessman and does he know anything about the binary options market?

same actor

The answer to this question is quite evident in the promotional video as it clearly shouts out loud in itself and says that this person going by the name George Maximus is a fraud. He is quite an actor who has been hired by the people behind this site for a couple of bucks, and it has been found that this person has been seen earlier in other scam sites like NAVSTAR Trader which made quite a notorious name on the internet a few months back.

It doesn’t end here, for I have seen this person in various other scam sites like the infamous Admissio Formula as a tech developer, as the CEO of Cloud Trader and most recently he is our beloved CEO. In NAVSTAR he used the identity Ethan Harrington and now as George Maximus the CEO of Maximus Profits, quite glamorous isn’t it? This is quite amusing as well as disturbing, and many reviewers have always been able to identify and him expose him as he has become quite well known among the online community.

The photo above shows the fake actor in two of his trading sites. The picture on the left is a screenshot from Maximus Profits, and the right one shows him from NAVSTAR.

The scenario here seems to be very unpleasant as the scammers here have gone way too far in order to steal your money. I would advise you that as a trader you should become familiar with this faces as you would be doing a great favor to yourself as well your dear ones.

I believe this is enough to make you understand that the Maximus Profits platform is a top rated scam site which might have already started to draw in people’s money into their account and eventually disappear by tricking them all. So would you still think of investing into this site? I believe you should rather start looking for a better platform.

Fake Testimonials!

Allow me to make myself clear here, the first and foremost thing that a scam site will make sure that you will notice are the testimonials by their users of. This is a common trick to attract the attention of new comers or people who are unlucky enough to fall victim of their traps. And the result is a disaster, as they believe and start making investments.

These people who write these testimonials or speak about their success stories in the promotional videos are another group of fake actors who are all linked up with these scammers. All they do is for the money, and they will eventually end up looting you if you get involved in the process.

Need more proofs? Check out:

Another important aspect of a good options platform is the licensing and regulations. The Maximus Profits is not licensed, and this is the greatest proof of them all to expose a scam site. Although there are many platforms which are not yet licensed but provides excellent service. These sites can be further distinguished by the fact that they do not make any such exaggerated claims as these scam sites do.

Anyways who in the world will promise to make you a millionaire in a week or a month? Money doesn’t come easy, and the binary options market is one such highly competitive market where becoming a millionaire in such a short time is not that easy. Moreover, a trader needs to learn a big deal of the market trends to be successful and strategize plans with patience that will eventually bring success. But Maximus Profits is presenting something totally opposite and at this point, I am not going to recommend this platform to anyone.

This scam is kinda similar to Bitcoin Code scam.

Last words..

Finally coming to the end of this article I am warning you once again that Maximus Profits has nothing special to offer. It is just another random number generator just like all the scam software which will provide you with trading signals and keep you hanging while the scammers have already run away with your money.

In no way I was tempted by the system’s features and would recommend you to run away from this site or anyone who sends you an email asking you to join the platform while the rest is up to you.

I hope this article is helpful and informative, if you think I missed some more information about the Maximus Profits platform, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below, thank you.…

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