Gadgets are useful devices and technologies that we do tend to lean on. But the same gadgets also do give our environment some bad effects. So for that, it’s our duty to get smarter and use smarter gadgets.

What is a smarter gadget?

Well for many people it’s advanced technology and for many people, it is what will help them the most in their life. I say smarter is what that won’t bring any harm to your home or environment and let you get full benefits of it.

How is it possible to get that?

It’s not that hard nowadays people are getting smarter and they are understanding what our environment means for us. Everyone going towards saving green, less pollution and stuff like that which is damaging our world. Without those things, our nature won’t be able to survive in this polluted world. We have made the sacrifices of nature to get smarter and better.

As they say ‘it’s never too late to start’ and which is right so we can still work for saving our environment and make our world a little less polluted. With the help of solar power gadget, we can start with eco-friendly things using nature to stop the overuse of technology. So, let’s see some of the gadgets that we should be using in our life.

Sunny bag leaf

The sunny bag leaf is a solar panels device that connects with your bag and lets you charge any micro USB device without any worries. If you love going out in trekking and camping and like to capture every moment of that with your phone. Then having this cones super handy, it will charge your phone, flashlight, and other micro USB devices easily with its 6.2 watts charging port. You don’t have to worry about its safety to take it anywhere and it won’t get damaged at all. With its super flexibility, you can say it’s almost unbreakable and can be bent according to your bag and how you want to carry it. The style is another great plus point in this solar panel, you get the best solar technology with it as the solar panels have been made by combining two solar technologies making it a hybrid solar panel.

Solar paper

This is a great sleek design solar charger with solar plates, great use of having this won’t take much space at all can be taken anywhere with its compatible and sleek design. You won’t even know that’s it was with you all this time, can charge an iPhone 6 fully in just 1 and a half hours. So you can sense how good the charging option is in this solar paper charger. It comes with a small screen on the top which tells you exactly how much power you are using and getting while you charge you are any micro USB device. The more power taking and bigger technology to get charged? Don’t worry it will make it easier by just adding it’s additional solar panel with the help of magnet connector you will find on edges of every solar panel.

Seiko SNE325

This is a great looking smart solar watch that will just make your day and make you look cooler. One of the coolest designed and style watch you will see, the black colored watch with its black dial and silver cored luminous hands. Give the watch a great and awesome look also it get power by the light so it doesn’t need replacement of your battery. As long as you give it light it will keep working without stopping. The watch also gives you the scratch-resistant screen and water resistance up to 100 meters you can take this watch and go deep-sea diving too if you want. So I still would consider this watch to be the best styled watched in the world as its classy, comes in my favorite color metal black, and give you solar light energy.

Soliom security camera

Talk about a security camera without any power consumption, Soliom is one of those which will give you a security camera without any wiring. Yes, I know how? Well, the thing about this security camera is that it only starts recording when it detects any motion. That’s how it can be run in the power battery of solar energy. The camera is a wireless camera and can connect with your apps and let you have a great video resolution up to 1080p. That means you will see every small detail in this camera. The camera is really a great option for your home security even at night it works really well in detecting movement with its infrared sensors. Just connect this camera with Wi-Fi and set any device and use this app. This will send a notification show the video and audio too in your device as soon as it detects any movement in the range of the camera.

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